is the american dream still alive essay

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Is the american dream still alive essay free download teacher resume format

Is the american dream still alive essay

Is the American Dream still alive today? Are you living it? The American Dream is rooted in the Declaration of Independence, The ethos today implies an opportunity for Americans to achieve prosperity through hard work. I know that hard work is built upon effort. In America, we can dream big and through hard work, we have the ability to make. A big house, a family, enough money to feed their family and do other things around town, a job, success, peace, love, and happiness are all things that qualifies one for living the American dream.

Some people however, do not believe in the American dream because it is hard to achieve even if you are taking all the right steps to achieve it. The American Dream is a goal that many people continue to aspire towards independent of the many different citizenship circumstances within the United States. Do people still believe that the American Dream exists?

If the American Dream does exist, do people have the resources and abilities to reach the American Dream in one interpretation or another? For many people, the American Dream still seems achievable and relevant in their lives, but for others, it seems impossible to attain. Therefore, everyone.

By definition the American dream refers to the national ethos of the great United States of America Mailer, It contains a defined set of ideals that include the chance for not only prosperity but also success and freedom. Further the American dream entails the upward societal mobility that can be achieved through hard work. James Adams in defined the American dream by saying that life should be richer , better and fuller for all individuals , with the.

Dreams inspire us every day. Dreams have no size limit; they can be small or large. Some dreams have multiple definitions, while others do not. The American dream is a dream that has many definitions. This unique dream has not expired. The American dream is still alive because of the immigrants, opportunities, and patriotism in the United States of America. The american dream is defined as the ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.

In baseball, the same ideals can be seen. The chances present for hard-working and risk-taking persons defines the American Dream. During the westward expansion, the idea was based on the struggle by individuals to acquire lands. Then, desires changed to that of a shared better life for all citizens.

After the Second World War, the concept had changed to accessing modern accessories, such as cars, television, and education. However, the modern-day idea is based on personal freedom and acquiring wealth. Among the factors that led to changes in the concept of accessing positive life conditions include changing ideologies, technologies like television, and World War II.

Today, there are unique struggles that individuals seek to achieve modern-day dreams. Also, people struggle with the goal of having a democracy of product. Unfortunately, no limitations based on race, gender, class, or ethnicity can prevent a person from accessing products. Therefore, modern goals are based on materialism. In this case, the USA society seeks to have the best products and services globally.

The American dream is not achievable today, considering that the available resources are not enough for everyone to enjoy a positive lifestyle and other opportunities. It is based on the assumption that each person can attain success in the USA through hard work and determination. The concept has changed from colonial times to modern-day America.

In this case, consumerism is a significant factor in modern goals. Unfortunately, people struggle against access to enough resources to make the USA the wealthiest society. However, it is hard to achieve desired goals due to the scarcity of resources. Get Discount.

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Is the American Dream still alive?

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Free Essay: "I think the American Dream says that anything can happen if you work hard enough at it and are persistent, and have some ability. Free Essay: “Is the American Dream Still Alive and Well?” (Debate) The American Dream is the result of possibilities and success. The term “American Dream”. The American Dream is still alive by being able to live a middle-class lifestyle and by obtaining it through perseverance and hard-work. Within social mobility.