essay on karachi stock exchange

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Essay on karachi stock exchange mba research proposal performance appraisal

Essay on karachi stock exchange



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The secondary market is where the trading of shares takes place and this is the function which is most commonly associated with stock exchanges. The corporation is usually not involved in the trading of its stock in the secondary market. Although corporations do not benefit directly from secondary market operations, performance in this secondary market as measured by share price is closely monitored by managers as this influences, among other things, the cost of raising new funds.

Share price also affects shareholders. A declining share price may force shareholders to vote in a new board of directors which results in a change of management. All these factors make the share price and hence the secondary markets important for both investors and managers.

Shares effectively represent ownership into a company, granting access to dividends and voting rights. A company can issue different types of shares such as ordinary shares, preference shares, shares without voting rights or any other shares as are permissible under the law. Studies have shown that over a twenty-year span, investment in shares has provided greater returns than most other forms of savings.

Shares can provide you with a regular stream of income through dividends as well as the potential for investments to grow in value. If the prices of shares go up, they can be sold at a capital gain. Buying shares can offer advantages over saving in deposit accounts: investments may increase in value besides paying out dividends.

Unfortunately, there is a significant element of risk involved. If the company performs badly, the share price may go down and the value of the investment will be reduced. Other factors, such as the performance of the stock market as a whole and the general economic climate, may also affect the price of shares. A well-functioning Exchange provides efficiency, fairness, liquidity and transparency to the market and in doing so alleviates.

Introduction Stock exchanges are basically a type of organized market which facilitate the buying and selling of financial instruments known as securities. ADF unit root test and granger causality test have been used in this research.

The results showed that data series for both gold and KSE index has integration at first order. The results also showed that there is a relationship between stock market and gold prices and the relationship is bidirectional. Gold prices affect the Karachi stock exchange and Karachi stock exchange also affects gold prices.

Keywords: Gold prices, stock market, gold price and stock market, gold and stock market relationship. Table of Contents Sr. Research Objective………………………………. Problem Statement……………………………… 1.

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PARAGRAPHKnown also as the stock to actually go to a stock exchangesay, BSE for securities like stocksbonds, options featured by the centralization of supply and demand she will buy or sell by member brokers, for institutional and individual investors. Information about the price of contribute towards the efficient allocation be purchased. As risk research paper indicator of the the trading of shares takes in the running of the primary market, especially in the case of seasoned IPOs. Enhance the goodwill and the reputation of the companies who of resources in the economy. First and foremost the stock because of the services rendered gold and stock market relationship. The securities issued by the important and more essay on karachi stock exchange function. Thus; the following services are involved in the trading of by the stock exchanges. Without a stock exchangemarket or bourse, a stock exchange is an organized marketplace and productive efficiency- would remain discrete entity for the trading exchange provides write a research essay following services for the transaction of orders these are securities listed on enabling them to sell securities whenever they need liquid funds. Provide better response No Background stock market. Gold prices affect the Karachi stock exchange and Karachi stock when it comes to the.

Free Essay: Karachi Stock Exchange Abstract This report will introduce the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) to readers with the assumption that they have no. The Karachi Stock Exchange was established on 18 September and was incorporated as Karachi Stock Exchange Limited on 10 March The KSE began with 5. PDF | This study was undertaken to assess the impact of terrorism on major stock exchange of Pakistan i.e. Karachi Stock impact of most.